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About Your Dashboard

The dashboard is the first screen you see after logging into Trek. It’s designed to give you a quick overview of your school’s stats and links to take care of your most important tasks.

When you activate a new account, you’ll see a simplified version of the dashboard with prompts to take a few actions that will set your school up for success.

Below, we explain what appears on each version and section of the dashboard.

New Account Dashboard

When you activate a new account, there’s some extra info on the dashboard to help you get started. The notification at the top of the screen prompts you to create your first course and choose your school’s settings. The Courses Pane is empty because you haven’t created a course yet. There’s a button that prompts you to create one.

The Dashboard for New Members

Once you create your first course, the notification will disappear and the course stats will start to populate in your dashboard.


Quick Stats

The Quick Stats are the four colored boxes you’ll see at the top of the dashboard. They give you an overview of your school’s stats.

Students: Shows you the total number of students your school has enrolled across all courses.

Revenue: A simple count of all revenue your school has brought in from all courses.

Notes on Revenue

  1. The Stripe integration is required for revenue numbers to show. If you’re only hosting free courses, the Revenue Quick Stat will simply display “N/A.”
  2. Currently, the revenue figure just multiplies the current purchase price of each course by the number of students in that course and adds them all together. It’s good for a quick overview but doesn’t take refunds or price changes into consideration. For the most accurate data, check your Stripe account.

Conversations: Counts the total number of messages across all lessons in all courses.

Courses: A count of all published and unpublished courses in your school.

Courses Pane

The Courses Pane is a table that displays all published and unpublished courses in your school. For each school, you’ll see the course’s title, current price, number of members enrolled, and total revenue generated. Click on the title of any course to start working on it.

At the top of the courses pane, there is a button to create a new course and a button to view all courses.

Activity Pane

The Activity Pane is a table that displays the 5 most recent comments across all courses. For each comment, you can see who left it, where they left it (with a link to view it), how long ago it was posted, and the comment text itself.

At the top of the Activity Pane, there is a button to view all activity.

Updated on April 19, 2016

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