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Content Dripping Addon

The Content Dripping Addon allows you to set the pace of learning for your students by revealing the content of your course over time on a schedule of your choosing.

Activating the Content Dripping Addon

To activate the Content Dripping Addon:

  1. Visit the Addons Page
  2. Locate the Content Dripping Addon
  3. Click “Activate content dripping”

How the Content Dripping Addon Works

The Content Dripping Addon allows you to set a schedule for when your Course chapters are released to your students.

To set the content dripping schedule for your course, go to the Settings Pane for that course and enter the number in days that you want each chapter to be dripped on.


The first chapter in your course will be available to the student immediately after registration. The following chapters will be dripped on the schedule that you choose.


If you have a course with 3 chapters, and you set the drip period to 5 days, your student will gain access to your chapters on this schedule:

  • Day 0: Chapter 1
  • Day 5: Chapter 2
  • Day 10: Chapter 3

When a chapter is released, all the lessons in that chapter become available to the student.

Dripping Lessons Instead of Chapters

If you prefer that your course be dripped by lesson instead of chapter, the workaround is to place each lesson in it’s own chapter. This way, when a chapter is dripped to a student, there is only one lesson available to be dripped.

Updated on April 21, 2016

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