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How to Issue Refunds to Your Students

We hope you never have to but, once in awhile, you may need to issue a refund to a student. Below are instructions for issuing refunds from the different payment systems we integrate with.


If you’re using our Stripe Addon, here’s how to issue a refund to a student from your Stripe account.

You will need the student’s email address in order to issue a refund.

1. Search for the student’s email.

Stripe has an excellent search engine you can access from any page in your Stripe account. Enter your student’s email address in the search bar and locate the charge you want to refund.


2. Refund the payment.

There’s a big button at the top of the resulting page that says “refund.” Click it and follow the instructions.


That’s all there is to it!

Receipts for Refunds

If you want your student to know right away that you’ve refunded their transaction, go to the Emails tab in your Stripe account settings and check the box that says “email customers for refunds.”


Updated on April 21, 2016

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