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Setting Up Your School

Part of being a professional educator is having a professional appearance. Trek makes it really easy to set up your school and make it look great in just a few minutes.

Below are the simple settings you’ll want to tweak to make your school look great and add your own branding.

Site Preferences

All the settings you’ll tweak to make your school fit your brand live on the Site Preferences Page.


These are the settings you can adjust:

Title: This is the name of your school. You have to complete this step before you offer your course to students. When you choose your name, we’ll set up a subdomain on trekhq.com where your school will live. For instance, if you name your school Mary’s Bakery because you’re going to host baking classes, we’ll create your school for you at marys-bakery.trekhq.com.


You can change your school’s name and, thus, the associated subdomain at any time. But remember that changing your subdomain will mean current students who are familiar with the old address won’t find it. Be sure to communicate with your students before changing your school’s name!

Color: The color you choose will affect buttons and other page elements your students see. Try to choose one of your brand’s primary colors. You can use our color picker or specify a hex color (e.g. #EAEAEA).

Logo: Upload your logo and it will display in your school’s header as well as on checkout pages if you sell your courses.

For best results, upload a .png or .gif logo with a transparent background. This format will look best everywhere it’s displayed.

Welcome email: When you create a welcome email, it will be sent to every student when they register at your school (whether or not they enroll in a course at the time of registration). This message is only sent to new students. If you set it up after registering students, it will not be sent to your existing students. This welcome email is optional. If you don’t fill out the fields, nothing will be sent.

You can use the merge tags “FNAME” and “LNAME” to customize your welcome email with your student’s first and last name.

Setting Up A Custom Domain

The Custom Domain Addon allows you to host your school on your own url, which can be very beneficial for your school’s brand. For example, you could set up courses.maryscupcakes.com instead of maryscupcakes.trekhq.com.

Learn more about the Custom Domain Addon.

Updated on April 20, 2016

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