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Stripe Addon

When you’re ready to charge for a course, you’ll want to integrate with Stripe using our Stripe Addon.

How to Activate the Stripe Addon

To activate the Stripe Addon, go to the Addons Page and locate the Stripe Addon.


If you already have an account with Stripe, click the “I already have Stripe” option. You’ll be prompted to log in and connect your account with Trek.

If you don’t have a Stripe account yet, click the “I need to get Stripe” option. You’ll be prompted to create an account and then connect it to Trek.

That’s all there is to it!

How to Use the Stripe Addon

Activating the Stripe Addon enables the ability to add a price to any course in your school.

To add a price to a course, go to the Course Settings Pane for that course and add the price you’d like to charge. When students enroll in the course, they’ll be prompted to pay before being able to access the course.

Where Does Your Money Go?

When a student purchases a course, the money goes directly into your own Stripe account.


Here are a few questions you might have about using Stripe with Trek:

Deactivating the Stripe Addon


When you disconnect your Stripe account, all your paid courses will revert to free courses. If you don’t want students to be able to access your courses for free, either unpublish them first or use the Course Visibility Addon to make them private.

There is not currently a way to deactivate the Stripe Addon from within Trek. However, it’s also not normally necessary to.

If you decide you need to disconnect the Stripe Addon, you can do it by visiting the Stripe Connect Page within your Stripe account and disconnecting from there.



Updated on May 23, 2016

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